Our Story

Blé de Fonty is here because of passion..
We all need it
It animates our lives
Gives us purpose
Makes us whole
Passion is not hard to find
If you believe in it.
Blé de Fonty is here because of passion..
From the first day we started on this journey
In fact we believe
It is passion that keeps us soaring, researching and
testing even while the city sleeps
Passion to find freshness in the everyday
For every woman
Passion to bring purity and light
And passion to add a little Wow in their lives
Bounce in their steps
A formulation that works quietly and effectively
Under the skin
On the skin
Revitalising it while they sleep
or go about their daily grind
We believe that emotion is a powerful force.
Belief. Inner peace.
Passion to life to its fullest
Beauty that is more than skin deep

Radiating that beauty for one and all
That’s the emotion, passion and DNA of Blé de Fonty