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About Team

Fusion West and East: Restless Pursuit of Beauty

Blé de Fonty is co-founded by Singapore Chinese fomulator, Ms. Yap and an European Chinese Biocell Doctor, Dr. Zhou( who studied in Tsinghua and  Leiden University  biology cell lab for over 10 years ) .

Ms. Yap and Doctor Zhou has co-studied formulation to solve skin cell mosit and rejunevation solutions with fresh, natural ingredients for over 20 years.  In 2016 ,Together with their   INSEAD-Tsinghua classmates, they have decided to set-up a company to provide fresh, pure and preservatives free skin-care products and solutions.

Define the Beauty:  Being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out

In the fast growing and busy world, everybody is looking for the Beauty side of self.

But what is the definition of Beauty?

We realized that the desire for the natural care is borned nature of our outside and in

Freshness, Purity, Preservatives Free

From Singpaore to Fontainebleau, From Fontainebleau to Brunai, From Brunai to Japan, From Japan to South Korea.....

We spent 15 years on the formulating, preservatives free study and Skin Bio-cell improvement study,

We spent 24 months on searching the pure natural  ingredients for your Perfection Out appearance Solution.

Finally, we did it.

We promise that we are always on the way of being possible perfect version of ourselves.